Ukrainian brides vs Russian: What's the difference?

Geographical location of the two countries, Ukraine and Russia, and their long common history in the Soviet Union make most of the Americans and even some Europeans mix these two countries up into one. Yet, it’s high time to put an end to such a tendency, as these two separate and independent countries are at war now.

Yet we have come here to talk about love, not war. Wishing to marry a Slavic woman, western men can’t choose between Ukrainian beauties and Russian ladies. And it’s not because they are too picky, it’s just because they don’t know which way they are different from each other.

To make it easier for the potential husbands to find their spouse let’s figure out the main differences between these two kinds of mail order brides.

These women grew in different cultures

The culture of the two countries is very different. In Ukraine, women have always been equal to their husbands. Now nothing has changed. If you hope to find a partner, a friend, and the woman who will grow (in an emotional, educational, professional, and spiritual sense) together with you, then a Ukrainian bride is right for you.

Sometimes it seems that these women can manage everything: family, kids, career, home. Almost all Ukrainian brides are well-educated and don’t want to spend their life staying at home. They want to be an active part of society. So, if you want a woman with “a burning flame inside”, Ukrainian women are perfect.

Speaking about the Russian brides, it should be mentioned that they are more conservative and think that a man is the head of the family. They are ready to become housewives and do their best to surround their husbands with love and care. Of course, they may have their own opinion on everything, yet the final word is after a husband.

Russian ladies also get a good education and can be interesting interlocutors. They keep the family fire burning and become good mothers. If this is how you see your future spouse, then the choice is obvious.

Different traits of character

Closeness to Europe and the events that have taken place in Ukraine in recent years have had a strong impact on the character of the Ukrainian girls. They are open-minded, generous, and sincere. But they are also strong, open to new experience, and they know what they want to get from this life.

Russian women tend to be more reserved and may seem alienated when you first meet them. You may need time to know them better and to open them real. But be sure that once you prove and give her your love and care, this woman will give it back twice as much. So, if you want to open something new in your wife day by day and feel the feedback, Russian brides will satisfy all your desires.

The choice is not easy as you can see, yet you have to remember that it is the heart which chooses, not the brain. And when you find the one out of thousands of others, it wouldn’t matter much if she is Ukrainian or Russian because she will become the woman you love.