Who Has to Make The First Step On a Dating Site?

When you first decide to register at a dating website, you have a lot of questions rising along. Like, how to make your profile attractive to the girls or what photos to add, yet the biggest concern (especially for those who lack self-confidence or are very restrained) is who should make the first step?

If it were about 50 years ago, we would say that it’s definitely a man who needs to start the conversation. But times change, and now both sexes have equal rights and equal possibilities. Getting back to the dating sites, it is not obligatory that a man should write first. Yet, by doing this, you can show that you are interested in the girl and want to know her better.

Don’t be surprised when you get dozens of e-mails and messages from mail order brides once you create an account. These are just lonely hearts looking for love and care. Women now don’t wait for a man to pay attention to them, they want to get it right away.

Of course, you may be pleased with such attention, yet you still have to keep in mind that some dating websites want you to pay for every message you send or even read. Hence, if you don’t want to spend the money on the brides who are not likely to touch your heart, you’d better make the first step yourself.

By the way, you should know that some not very honest dating websites hire the girls who invite you to chat with them only for you to pay for the messages (the so-called pay-per-message scheme). In fact, they don’t look for a husband, they just earn money. So, you’d better be careful!

To avoid fraud and useless talks with non-existing women, you’d better start the conversation first. When you are the initiator of communication, you yourself choose the girl who meets all your criteria including appearance, age, education, religion, and lots of other aspects you may find in the account page. Hence, you write and talk via video chat (and, of course, pay for it) only with the girls who turned out to be interesting to you.

Anyway, it won’t matter much who has made the first step. The main thing that will matter is that you have found each other among thousands of others.